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Edgy new voices for Tomtom

01 Jul 11

If you’ve been looking to spice up your GPS device, or maybe you just can’t get enough of "the Edge”, it’s your lucky day!
TomTom is introducing some new downloadable voices for their line of GPS devices, including that of Carl Fletcher and Vaughan Smith of Auckland’s popular radio program, "the Edge”.
The duo started out scouring the country to find the Voice of New Zealand for TomTom, but Vaughan explains "We had so much fun finding the voice of New Zealand and while the winner, Ben Harper, did a great job, we were jealous and had to make a downloadable GPS voice too.”
Fletch and Vaughan may be known for their crazy antics and comic characters, but they assure us that even though their GPS voice includes some humorous quips, it won’t pull any pranks on drivers:
"Vaughan and I have been known to get up to mischief in the past, but now that people trust us to get them from place to place, we promise we won’t lead them the wrong way!” says Fletch.
You can download Fletch and Vaughans’s voice for free via TomTom Home.

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