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Facebook Home hits 500,000 downloads

23 Apr 2013

Facebook Home has hit the ground running, with over half a million downloads from Google Play since its April 4 release.

The social networking site's new way to integrate its network into Android users' smartphones has began life strongly, despite receiving mixed reviews from customers.

With an average approval of only 2.2 out of five stars - the free app has received battery life and widget complaints, but on the whole reaction to the app has been good.

Over a fortnight since the launch, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook Home intended to turn Android phones into "great, living, social phones."

“We all want to share and connect,” he said last week. "That’s how we discover new information and build meaningful relationships."

“We asked ourselves ­if sharing and connecting are what matter most, what would your phone be like if it put your friends first?

“Our answer is Home.”

Company stock grew the day of the launch, and it has no reason to drop following a positive start - especially in a smartphone app market which is currently enjoying healthy growth.

Zuckerberg's vision is to see Facebook Home dominate the market, but is that enough persuasion to jump onboard? Tell us your thoughts below