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Hands-on review: JBL LIVE 770 NC noise-cancelling headphones
Thu, 7th Mar 2024

A part of me wishes that noise-cancelling headphones were more affordable a few years ago when I was studying at AUT. When I was at AUT, I only used basic wired headphones, and I always needed to turn the volume up loud to drown out the noise of the bus and traffic in the CBD. 

Turning up the volume really loud and listening to Metallica ended up being a bad thing for me because I damaged my right ear and ended up getting Tinnitus in 2014. It’s not too bad, but I do hear a faint ring in my right ear when everything is quiet. 

Thankfully, after ten years, noise-cancelling headphones are becoming more common, and I no longer need to increase the volume of headphones to drown out the noise around me. We at FutureFive NZ have been lucky enough to review the brand-new JBL LIVE 770 noise-cancelling headphones, which were released in January 2024. 

In terms of price and availability, most people in New Zealand can get the JBL LIVE 770 headphones from local retailers like Mighty Ape, JB Hi-Fi, PB Tech, and more. These headphones are of high quality because they will set you back around $269.00 NZD! I admit they are on the expensive end, but they are worth it if you get the chance to try them out. 

I was sent the JBL LIVE 770 headphones prior to my trip to Sydney because I wanted to see Taylor Swift during her ‘Eras Tour’ concert. Sydney ended up being the perfect place to test out the headphones because that city is far busier than Auckland ever is. Sydney has more cars and more people, which means it’s always very noisy!

However, the first place I tested the headphones was at home to see if I could still hear my family members. I don’t want to sound rude, but my Mum is usually the loudest member of my family, and it’s hard not to hear her from afar. While wearing the headphones, though, they were able to block my mother’s voice with ease. Even the sound of the kettle boiling was muffled thanks to the noise-cancelling headphones. 

The headphones were also really effective in Sydney because they drowned out the noise of people at the mall and traffic on the street. The quality of the audio is really great, too, because it has deep bass, and I was able to hear my playlist of Taylor Swift very clearly. Not to mention, I was able to listen clearly to Metallica without damaging my ears, too!
As for its battery life, these headphones can last a long time on a full charge. You don’t have to worry too much because the JBL LIVE 770 NCs offer a long 65-hour battery life. It also supports a USB-Type-C connection, so it can charge really fast if you’re in a hurry. A full charge only lasts for two hours, which you can easily do while you sleep!

The headphones also support surround sound, so you can listen to movies and have near cinema-like quality. I usually don’t watch movies on my phone, but I have to say the headphones were great when I watched clips of Star Wars movies on YouTube.
Another thing I like about these headphones is that they’re really comfortable. The earmuffs are soft, and the head strap easily fits no matter how big your hair might be. The headphones can also fold up if you want to store them in your backpack for storage. They are also much sturdier compared to the cheap plastic used on headphones I purchased from The Warehouse.

Overall, I have to say the JBL LIVE 770 NC headphones are easily one of the best Bluetooth headsets that I have ever used. They can drown out outside noise with ease, and they are also very comfortable to wear. If you have nearly $300 NZD to spare, definitely try checking them out.