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Hands-on review: Philips PC Gradient lightstrips

Wed, 23rd Nov 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

For every gamer, having a great PC setup is more important than everything else, and this can always be enhanced by good lighting.

Today's review product, the Philips PC Gradient lightstrips, will definitely be a fantastic addition to your monitor.


The Phillips Gradient lightstrips are reactive and colourful strips of lighting that can be attached to your PC monitor. The objective of the product is to reflect the colours of the gameplay and immerse you further into your gaming experience. 

The lightstrips are available in different sizes, making them able to fit with every monitor size. It's very useful if you are using a double or triple monitor setup. 

The 1.6 cm height allows for very efficient light distribution. I was impressed to see how the lights were thicker than usual and were still incredibly easy to fix onto the monitor. 

With the mounting clips included in the box, you will be able to fix the lightstrips as you want without any risk of damaging the product. 

Once ready, you just have to connect the Gradient lighstrips to a HUE bridge, which is not included in the original box. This bridge will allow you to manage and control the lights from your phone, tablet or even with your voice.

Light and colours

Although made with gaming in mind, the lights adapt themself perfectly for music and film as well. Watching the latest Marvel movie on your monitor will considerably improve the experience. Every lightstrip flows naturally into one another, and there is instant reactivity to each frame. 

Users can enjoy a large variety of different colours, with colour temperatures from 2000K to 6500K.

Management of the light can be done with the Hue app,  which is available on Windows, Mac OS and smartphones App stores. Users can change their strips' intensity and brightness to create their own atmosphere, and save the settings to switch them in any situation. I personally liked matching the high intensity of the colours with various video clips to create an incredible ambience.


If you are looking for an enjoyable light system to improve your gaming experience, the Philips PC Gradient lightstrips are definitely the ones you need. 

With a great range of colours and flexibility of settings, this product has all the features to match perfectly with any monitor. I could spend hours playing around with different combinations and settings, so its clear the entertainment possibilities are endless.

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