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Hands-on review: Satechi Trio Wireless Charger & Satechi Slim X3 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard
Fri, 10th Dec 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Being a naturally curious individual, I was interested to see what customers had to say about Satechi's products. This is my first foray into the world of the multiple device charger, and to start with I'll admit to being slightly confused, quoting Manuel from Fawlty Towers with a confused, “¿Que?”  Reading the product description however, I discovered that “¿Qi?” should have been my first question.

Bundled in this review is the svelte, glamourous, and very Mac-compatible Slim X3 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard. Read on to discover if it performs as well as it looks.

The Trio Wireless Charging Pad is ridiculously easy to set up. It was simply a matter of plugging in the NZ power plug adapter provided, attaching the USB cable, and then discovering which of my gizmos are Qi charging compatible.

We have chargers attached to power points throughout the house, and I spend more time trying to remember where the Apple device chargers and the Android ones are. Satechi, being understanding and sympathetic to customer requirements, have provided a charger that lets me charge three devices at once.

Tears of joy (or perhaps hay fever) flowed unimpeded down my cheeks as I realised this was a great way to reduce my desktop clutter. (I'm into year eight of my five-year plan on this.)

Charging my iPhone required a small amount of positioning before being rewarded with the white indicator light of success. Position seems to be key, but once you get the hang of it with your item it will become second nature to you, as simple as the knack of finding third gear in a 1963 Mini.

I have recently developed severe back problems caused by an old injury sustained whilst body surfing. An Occupational Therapist has advised me to use my laptop stand, so the Bluetooth Keyboard has been a timely piece of kit as I work to improve my posture.

Adding the Logitech Slim Multi-Device K580 wireless keyboard had my posture improving in a flash. For a full keyboard, complete with numeric keypad, it has a slim look and a tiny footprint. It juts out about a centimetre on either side of the body of my 15” MacBook Pro.

After only a few minutes, I feel quite at home as I type. Those of us who are kinaesthetic and demand a reasonable feel to our keys will be delighted with the feel of Satechi's X3. Cosmetically it is a perfect match for your suite of Apple computers. Available in Space Gray and Aluminium, you gain a full keyboard complete with a numeric keypad.  Examining one reseller's page, I noted that the Bluetooth version of this keyboard is a mere $28 dearer than the sub $100 wired keyboard.

With a weight of around 0.5kg, it makes an ideal travelling companion, with the ability to cram into your laptop bag without robbing you of too much space.

The Satechhi X3 enables you to switch between up to four devices by holding down one of the numbered switches. The action of the keyboard is nice and positive, with spacing between keys being quite ergonomic, even for my pudgy digits. This means fewer mis-hits of keys,  something I regularly do when transferring from my trusty MacBook Pro to my equally dependable HP EliteBook. This will cheer my editors, who painstakingly check my work for any little error that may creep in.

Repeat readers have heard ad nauseam of my quest to declutter. I've already started gazing in a rather proprietary way at both these review items.  I can now clean up a jumble of USB and other cables, creating a workspace that will be free of chargers and USB cables. I insist on keeping my stress ball and my pet dalek though. Between them, they keep me mindful and exterminate any negative emotions that arise when I have a bout of writer's block.

For a product that promises the ability to charge up to three items at a time, the Satechi Trio has quite a small footprint. At 210 x 115 mm, it complements the keyboard and suggests that here works someone with an ordered mind.

I only had one niggle with the setup, which concerned charging my iPhone. After racing to 84%, it seemed to lose interest and stopped charging. Even though my Android claims to be wirelessly chargeable, I quickly discovered it isn't. A solid indicator light tells you that you are charging, while one blinking on and off means you aren't.

I feel like my workspace is looking much more professional with the Satechi products now gracing it. I love the keyboard and am sure my fingers are racing even more quickly than on my laptop keyboard. Viewing their website has me slobbering in anticipation as they boast a broad range of products designed for the new generation of Macs. At prices that won't break the bank, they offer an affordable and stylish option that will ensure you're working ergonomically while recharging your devices.