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Hands-on review: Fody TEMPUS PRO Weather Station
Fri, 10th Jul 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Weather stations are notoriously unreliable, or hellishly expensive.

A new company Fody have released their first device and what a stunner it is.

They have brought weather tracking to the masses at an amazing price. The TEMPUS PRO brings capabilities to weather tracking that will enable amateur meteorologists to accurately plot conditions, without relying on old fashioned kit or expensive equipment.

Combined with its application that can be improved at the push of an update, the TEMPUS PRO gives an accurate measurement, as well as a future local forecast.

It's relatively simple to set up, although you want to take the time to accurately install it, as it will provide the best result. Make sure it's not under cover, or you'll not be able to use the rain meter.

The TEMPUS PRO also comes with an internal measuring station, giving you internal temperature, humidity and pressure.

You pair the two devices with the Fody app using Bluetooth Low Energy, giving you a historic view of data, along with the ability to predict a local forecast.

There are some improvements that are coming in the application, using feedback from new users. I look forward to the app auto syncing, and giving some usable information.

The possibilities of this station are quite exciting. Aggregating this information will enable accurate weather information to be provided to local businesses. I see companies such as vineyards or crop growers that rely on the weather loving this cheap yet advanced station, giving them a wealth of information topical to their specific location.

With weather conditions being so variable in a small area, having accurate local weather will allow growers to better understand the conditions affecting their plants, improving the quality of the product produced.

With the TEMPUS PRO, Fody have opened up a new market, and given themselves an opportunity to grow exponentially in the viticulture and horticulture market. Yet this same capability is ideal for the home owner, allowing them to better understand how much rain they receive, important in a community that relies on the skies for its water supply.

And due to be released any moment in New Zealand at a price that will surprise a lot of people, the Fody TEMPO PRO will find a lot of homes and businesses. Not bad for a company's debut product.