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Internet Party takes political leap of faith…

08 Apr 2014

“Thanks to our over 2k members for your continuing support!” tweeted the Internet Party, fresh from applying to register as a political party.

Revealed yesterday on the party’s official Twitter account, as well as through founder Kim Dotcom, the party officially submitted a list of over 500 eligible members to the Electoral Commission.

Adhering to rules requiring a political party to have at least 500 eligible votes, so far 550 member details have been submitted to the Electoral Commission - of the 2,000 plus members who originally signed up.

An official process which is expected to take between four to six weeks, the move represents a near five month timeframe from the party’s inception to its official registration.

After revealing the name and logo of his eagerly anticipated political movement in January this year, Dotcom took to Twitter to push users to follow the official @InternetPartyNZ page - boasting it will soon have more followers than @NZNationalParty.



"Gaining registration demonstrates the commitment of the Internet Party and its members to be a real force come the general election on September 20,” adds Vikram Kumar, CEO, Internet Party, when speaking to the NZ Herald.

"While the app and website have allowed us to sign up members quickly and easily, we used a manual process to validate the 550 membership forms submitted to the Electoral Commission.”

Apple signed off the Internet Party’s app for iOS late last month, allowing Kiwis to sign up for the political party.