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Is this Samsung’s last Apple laugh?

07 Feb 2012

As expected, Samsung used its ad spot during yesterday’s Superbowl match to administer what appears to be the coup de grace in its series poking fun at fans of gadget competitor, Apple.

The ad, which cost US$10.5 million in air time alone, aired during the game’s fourth quarter. It shows Apple fans finally tiring of their queues, kicking down the barriers and rocking out to I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness while playing with Samsung products, most specifically the Galaxy Note, which is being released here through Vodafone this month.

Thankfully the ad does not feature the potential catchphrase ‘we just got Samsunged’.

It’s a nifty spot and a great way to conclude what could have been a dire campaign if done badly.

Are you keen to see more in the series, or do you think Samsung should end the campaign while it’s on a high?