FutureFive NZ - Judge orders EMI not to meddle with Pink Floyd catalogue

Warning: This story was published more than a year ago.

Judge orders EMI not to meddle with Pink Floyd catalogue

A judge has pleased Pink Floyd and their fans by saying that EMI group is not entitled to unbundle tracks from the band's albums for sale on iTunes.

Pink Floyd, known for their radio-unfriendly concept albums, which often segue seamlessly from track to track, has been involved in a long running legal dispute with EMI, over the label's approach to online music sales.

EMI had argued that its existing contract with Pink Floyd, which prohibited the unbundling of tracks for individual sale, did not apply to online sales. High Court of Justice Judge Andrew Morritt of London disagreed, saying that the contract, which was negotiated over a decade ago, applied to both physical and online sales.

The judge's statement is not a binding ruling however; rather it is a clarification in an ongoing and complex case.

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