28 Oct 2014
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New AOC monitors focus on design and connectivity

By Catherine Knowles

AOC has unveiled two new monitors that are said to bring together a range of design and connectivity features.

AOC ‘Art of Colours’ offers a wide range of top-performing LCD monitors and TVs, and these two monitors showcase a focus on design as well as functionality.

The AOC U3477PQU Monitor provides provides a detailed and clear image with cinematic quality. The large 34-inch screen has an aspect ratio of 21:9 and Quad HD 3440 x 1440 resolution to up image quality and enhance user experience.

An ultra-narrow border surrounding the image makes it possible to place multiple monitors together for a multi-screen display. This means the monitor can be used for  anyone who requires multi-simultaneous images such as professionals working in the stock market, surveillance or retail industries.

RS-232 input is included and PBP/PIP functionality enables users to watch a second input source at the same time on a chosen section of the screen. This gives more control over how and what is watched.

No-flicker technology uses DC backlight brightness control, as opposed to the common pulsing system, which makes it more comfortable for your eyes and easier to watch the screen.

A ergonomic stand allows for adjustment so it can be tilted, swivelled and pivoted and viewed from almost any angle.

The AOC I2777FQ, the other new model, is ultra narrow and broader than ever before. With silver trim and a black screen, the monitor has a slim, minimalist design. Furthermore, the thin border allows for almost seamless multi-display capabilities.

The IPS display panel ensures colour uniformity from every viewing position.

This monitor comes equipped with a Mobile High-Definition Link so users can link their smartphones or other portable devices with a cable. It also has HDMI and DisplayPort, so the monitor is compatible with Blu-ray players, game consoles and computer systems.

Both monitors will be available from January 2015. The former has a starting price of $1350 while the latter has a starting price of $599.

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