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Revealed: We unbox the PlayStation 5

04 Nov 2020

After getting a chance to play the PlayStation 5 last week, PlayStation NZ has been kind enough to supply FutureFive NZ with their very own unit. While you will still have to wait for any hardware or software reviews, what we can show you this week is the unboxing of the PS5. 

Unlike the Xbox Series X, the box that the PS5 came in was really huge. This is probably the biggest and heaviest console that Sony has ever produced. It weighs around 4.5kgs, but it felt more like 5kg when it was all inside its original box. 

After taking apart the box it came with, PlayStation NZ supplied a cool looking protective sleeve that said “Play Has No Limits”. Since the PS5 is going to be accessible, most people should not have a hard time playing the console once it releases later this month. 

With the protective sleeve finally off, the retail packaging for the PS5 console finally appeared. Whereas Microsoft chose to show the top of its Xbox Series X console, the front of the PS5 box shows the console and Dualsense controller. 

The front cover shows the PS5 in its vertical position, and the unit I received is the one with the disc drive included. For those of you that don’t know, you can also opt to buy an all-digital console that’s slightly lighter and is $100 cheaper. 

The back cover is different as it shows the PS5 in its horizontal position. Due to the big size of the console, I can see a lot of people will need a lot of space in order for this new console to fit in their living rooms. 

In terms of what the box includes, you get a PS5, Dualsense controller, power plug, HDMI cable, charging cable as well as a stand. The stand is free and you can use it to support the console either vertically or horizontally. 

If you don’t know how to place the console on its stand, you’ll be happy to know that instruction manuals will tell you how to do it properly. 

Anyway, you can look at my unboxing video posted below this article. The PS5 console will be released in New Zealand on November 12th, 2020. If you missed out pre-orders, more shipments will be coming in early 2021. 

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