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Review: Norton Internet Security 2010

01 Dec 2009

Norton Internet Security 2010 uses intelligence pulled from its unparalleled network of over 130 million users to identify malware using a real-time reputation system. It ascertains the threat level of files and applications based on factors including their age, download source, digital signature and prevalence. It’s a different and more proactive approach than those taken by other suites, but one that Norton claims is superior to traditional behaviour- and signature-based approaches.

It’s quick and easy to install, and while it can run in the background, it’s still a little bit of a resource hog. The interface is basic, but allows the user to access more technical details if they so desire.

Pros: Painless install, unobtrusive, user-friendly interface. Live update runs every hour.

Cons: Somewhat resource-hungry.

Verdict: Norton packs a surprising amount of functionality into a program that takes mere minutes to install, and you’ll barely notice it doing its thing in the background. With a licence for up to three PCs, it’s hard to beat when it comes to value for money, and its new Quorum real-time reputation system is pure genius.