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Second executive departs Yahoo in days

Mon 6 Aug 2012
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Fresh from the departure of interim CEO Ross Levinsohn, strategy guru Jim Heckman has also left the company just three weeks into Marissa Mayer’s reign as new chief executive.

With close ties to Levinsohn, the departure will not surprise many, as the pair worked closely on a range of advertising and media deals since Heckman’s arrival in May 2011.

As senior vice president of Strategy for the internet corporation, Heckman was working on proposals to outsource much of Yahoo’s ad-tech operations, but since Mayer’s arrival it appeared his time at the company was coming to an end.

Since Mayer’s appointment speculation has been rife concerning the prospects of Levinsohn’s closest colleagues, with still no developments on the futures of Media head Mickie Rosen and Sales chief Michael Barret.

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