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Fri, 30th Jun 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Ubisoft's Steep continues the emerging tradition of offering games DLC that gets increasingly bonkers.

Recently, the already none too serious Forza Horizons 3 added a barking mad, but totally awesome, Hot Wheels-inspired island to the game. Players are invited to break the laws of physics in improbable, tricked-out rides with the ability to loop the loop around an equally improbable track made up of those very familiar orange plastic segments.

Ghost recon

Ubisoft, themselves, having delivered us the very serious Ghost Recon: Wildlands, gave our Ghosts the opportunity to let their hair down with the Narco Road DLC. On an undercover mission to take out El Invisible, our Ghosts are given the opportunity to drive fast and ridiculous vehicles in a weird mash-up of Bolivian gangers and Fast and the Furious-style antics.

Ubisoft's take on winter sports, Steep, has always been a bit fluid with reality, on one hand a sensible, if extreme, Skiing/snowboarding game and the other some sort of Jackass-inspired lunacy featuring yeti suits, skiing down vertical cliffs, wingsuit runs inches from the ground and in the first DLC, rickety-looking sledges.

The Steep Extreme pack makes what has gone before look like a Women's Institute meeting. The new DLC allows snow-lovers to head to the slopes with a new set of outlandish winter activities.

Extreme Skiing

First up, there's speed skiing. A cross between regular skiing and paragliding, you can now hurtle down the mountains before taking to the skies, all at breakneck speed.

Next, Ubisoft have added BASE jumping to the game. You can now just jump straight off a cliff and try your luck with a last-minute pull of your parachute's ripcord.

BASE jumping

Lastly, and most insane is the jet wingsuit. Ludicrously fast, you can get a real buzz out of some jet-propelled low-level antics.

Steep is a game that keeps on giving, with the free addition of the Alaskan mountains, post-launch, and the additional fun to be had with the new sports, you can't really go wrong. And with all the sales on at the moment, you may just be able to pick it up for a steal.