Telecom releases Connect Me for T-Stick

18 May 11

Described as a mobile broadband dashboard, Connect Me allows T-Stick users to manage 3G and Wi-Fi connections from their desktops. 

It offers quick access to view online usage and top up pages, usage alert SMS and management of computer connections, via a free download.  

Users must have a compatible T-Stick (list of compatible devices can be found here). 

Watch a demo of the service at

According to the Connect Me page on Telecom's website, there are a few things to know before downloading: 



  • The file size is 32MB. The download is free so will not be included as part of your Mobile Broadband allowance.

  • Connect Me will work if you have a compatible Telecom T-Stick.

  • Connect Me is currently only available for Windows PC users running Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1, or Windows 7 SP0 or above.

  • It's best to uninstall the old connection Manager or 3G Watcher software before you install Connect Me. You can find help on installing Connect Me here.



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