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Tinder matchmaker? Yes please

07 Mar 16

Not good enough for you? That's okay, hook them up with one of your buddies. 

That's right, Tinder has announced a new feature on its platform that allows users to play matchmaker.

While swiping through potential matches, the feature allows users to share a profile they come across. Tapping the share icon allows the user to send a temporary link via text to a friend, giving them the ability to swipe left or right on the profile.

The links expires after 72 hours, or if it has been clicked on five times.

If a user swipes a profile that has been shared with them, that user’s profile may appear in the shared person’s recommendations, as long as the user meets the shared person’s preferences.

If both swipe right, it’s a match.

Tinder says the feature will be tested in various markets and may differ in appearance and functionality depending on location.

Users are cable to opt out of having a sharable profile in their settings. 

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