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Uber has impact on transit price index

As Auckland comes in at #28 in the World Ubran Transit Price Index, it seems Uber is having a real influence on transport costs across the world.

After a revealing poll showing that up to 25% of travellers change their usual mode of urban mobility while on the road, journey-planning platform GoEuro has published an in-depth comparison of urban transport prices in 60 cities across the world as part of their Price Index series.

Information about the cost of getting to and from the airport, train or bus station to a hotel is essential, especially when on a budget. As disruptive technologies like Uber and ride sharing become more common, travellers have more options than ever before. Understanding the price and how it may vary from city to city is a valuable resource for the business and holiday traveller.

Auckland came in as 28th most affordable out of 60 cities ranked in the Urban Transit Price Index. Taking into account factors including distance, time and taxes, GoEuro gathered all data from official provider sites. The taxi data was calculated based on the cost of a 10km ride; for Uber, the average cost of all available services in the city for an equivalent journey, and for public transport the cost of a single ticket.

On average, in Auckland, a public transport ticket costs USD$1.19 per ride; a taxi journey $23.10 per 10km; and an Uber journey $20.41 per 10Km.

The most expensive city for urban transport overall is Stockholm, Sweden, where a public transport costs $4.96 per ride; a taxi journey $40.04 per 10km; and an Uber journey $48.57 per 10Km.

The cheapest city for transport overall is New Delhi, India, where an average public transport ticket costs $0.22 per ride; a taxi journey $2.62 per 10km; and an Uber journey $4.40 per 10Km.

*Not all cities have the same service offerings; therefore, prices are based on the range of Uber products available in each city. Uber offers up to six different levels of service.

The full results and data from the GoEuro Urban Transit Price Index can be found here: