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It's all in your head: How to build a productive virtual team
Whether it’s a global band of developers or a remote branch office, technology gives you smarter ways to help virtual teams succeed.
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Is your mobile strategy healthy? Get ahead, know your anatomy
Everything in your mobile ecosystem is interconnected, just like the parts of the human body.
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Schneider Electric opts for sustainability route with latest solution
A new system that can reduce operating costs by over 60% compared to legacy cooling approaches.
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Verizon inks colocation reseller deal with Equinix
"This agreement provides customers with fully-integrated network, security and data center services designed to support their IT transformation."
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Auckland-based Animation College proves popular in Rotorua
“For them it allows generations to come back home and contribute to the iwi and community.”
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Customer experience
Salesforce to play 'key role' in Vocus' new Aussie strategy
"Salesforce will enable us to not only keep pace with our customers but also deliver experiences beyond their expectations."
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Edge Computing
Vertiv: Edge data centres & an alarming future just like the movies
“The point is, they’ve already been tracking you, it’s just the first time they’re exposing it back."
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Digital Transformation
Aussie companies ahead of the curve when it comes to digital transformation
"It’s also unarguable that these faster delivery cycles are a necessity to bridge the IT delivery gap and to harness digital forces."
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Qingteng Cloud Security makes the cut as a top vendor in latest Gartner report
“They address the unique requirements of server workload protection in modern hybrid data center architectures that span on-premises,"
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IT departments
Companies should outsource IT to avoid corporate bottleneck, exec says
“IT teams are expected to align more closely to both business goals and end-user expectations, and they are subject to new demands."
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Kiwis keen on ICT industry with top hires in tech sector
“The large industries hiring now reflect what we’re seeing in our economy."
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Data analytics
A/NZ public safety sector investing in cloud & data-based tech, survey finds
“Collectively, these survey findings demonstrate that a variety of new technologies is becoming established within public safety."
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Unlock a world of opportunity with Conbrio's revolutionary security practice
“We also have access to an expert on Security policy and can help companies see what areas they may be weak in in the Security Space."
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Parents will be pleased with Uber's latest feature, teens not so much
The transportation app is piloting a new programme that gives teens between the ages of 13 to 17 a way to use Uber.
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IT Automation
Garmin plans to wake up Kiwi drivers with new dash cams
"With the Dash Cam 45 and 55, customers can do more than just record a drive."
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IT managers face increased scrutiny to secure a company's network, says exec
“Furthermore, they haven’t implemented the right policies from the start before taking on new technology.”
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Telin Singapore teams up with Zenlayer to promote digital innovation in Indonesia
“We are very excited to integrate our colocation, network and edge computing services with Telin Singapore.”
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Digital Transformation
Fuji Xerox NZ inks digital signature deal with Secured Signing
“Our aim is to drive efficiency and better business with a digital platform which makes document processes easy, compliant and secure."
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Juniper Networks
Demand for cloud brings 'tidal wave of change' for networking, says Juniper Networks
“The DCI infrastructure demands bandwidth capacity, secure connectivity and operational simplicity."
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Digital Transformation
Angus Taylor: Current Govt investing more in tech sector than ever before
"You will always have issues with IT, but how you respond to them is the test."
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Network Infrastructure
The monumental rise of enterprise SDN - are you prepared?
The time is now, take hold of your company’s networking capabilities and grasp a better understanding of the SDN solutions available to you.
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The tools you need to safely navigate an evolving threat landscape
Secure your information and your business with the right balance of people, processes and products.
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Cloud service demand sparks Cloudbric to open internet data centers in Asia
"Partnering with data centers means Cloudbric can be deployed on their own infrastructures instead of relying on external networks."
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Australian Government
MyNetFone calls on Aussie govt as telcos refuse virtual mob numbers
“It’s disappointing that innovation like this is being allowed to be stifled."