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Android App of the Week - Instapaper

25 Oct 12

Hate when you find something online you want to read but then it’s time to get off the bus?

Or your break is over and you have to go back to work? Or your friend you’ve been waiting for finally shows up and it’s time to put your phone away?

Instapaper is a handy app that allows you to save web pages you find on the net and read them later at your convenience.

Save web articles or long blog posts that you find throughout the day, and then read them offline later when you have some time to kill.

Or when your friend or one of those annoying people at work suggests you read that article they found on that website about that thing that time, Instapaper allows you to download the article and read it at a later point, without having to try and remember where on the internet your friend had seen it.

The handy thing about this app is that it saves most web pages as text only files, optimising them for tablet or phone screens.

You don’t have to wait for stupid ads or photos to load up before you can read comfortably. Yes.

Once you have downloaded a page or an article, that very page or article is available to read offline. This is good so you can read whatever you want whenever you want without worrying about wasting your data.

If you’re blind like me you can adjust the font, text size and line spacing, and you can control the lighting too if you want to read at night but have to share a bed. Oooh, you can also organise the articles or web pages you download into files. Heaven.

I haven’t had any real issues with it and I use it every day, and I read a lot. Don’t be a cheapo; for $3.96 is a steal.

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