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Another app sets to shake up taxi market

Taxi booking app has announced it has secured long-term funding to expand in the Australian and New Zealand markets. The company says it aims to become the ‘new standard in customer choice and experience when dealing with reputable taxi companies’.

Windhaven, a privately owned Australasian investment company with existing taxi industry investments, says it “is taking a significant stake in the business and will continue the innovative and leading-edge management already in the company.”

With an established and extensive network in New Zealand, Zoomy uses smart phone technology, GPS tracking, and payment devices to give customers more options over their taxi choices.

The company says, “Unlike some of the new ‘disruptors’ entering the Australasian market, Zoomy believes the driver is a critical part of the customer experience, not just a commodity, and so instead partners with the taxi industry in its service.”

Ben Unger, Windhaven CEO, says ‘‘A raft of new entries combined with possible legislative changes and pricing options on the horizon and the introduction of new, exciting technology means the future of the taxi industry in Australia and New Zealand is changing, and changing quickly.”

He says, “In a market where other players want to make it cheaper to the customer at the cost of safety, sustainability and quality, Zoomy seeks to bring down the costs without compromising on these key consumer or driver benefits.“

Jeremy Ullrich, a Zoomy spokesperson, says ‘‘Zoomy is committed to working with our taxi partners, providing the platforms, technology and innovation for them to reduce costs whilst maintaining a quality service.

He adds, “Now, with correct funding and a desire to evolve the taxi industry, we are really looking forward to an exciting next stage.”

Immediate new projects include the expansion of Zoomy’s unique concierge service in bars, restaurants and hotels, expansion of payment devices, and getting a greater number of drivers benefitting from the Zoomy hails.