28 Apr 2011
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Blizzard posts World of Warcraft 'Firelands' preview clips

Blizzard yesterday announced that World of Warcraft patch 4.1, Rise of the Zandalari, had gone live. Today it's posted two preview clips of the Firelands content coming with patch 4.2.

From the World of Warcraft wiki: "Deep beneath the earth and seas of the Elemental Plane lurks the Firelands, a place of heat and ash. Although it is a harsh land, visitors can survive, for in one of those cruel paradoxes that define the universe, fire needs air to live and fuel to feed upon. Within the Firelands, these things exist in a constant cyclical state, with the very ash itself gradually transforming into fuel for future burnings."

The Firelands will provide a new raid instance for World of Warcraft players come patch 4.2. Below you'll find a raid preview and a daily quest preview for the new content.

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