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Cyclone connecting Kiwi classrooms with Office 365

28 Oct 14

Cyclone Computers, the New Zealand owned ICT company, has helped Methven Primary School roll out a new technology platform.

Methven Primary School has long invested in digital technology to provide ICT experiences for all of its students.

This year the school has moved from having a solely Apple based platform to a dual platform. This will help to meet the growing needs of the students and provide a more diverse approach.

Methven Primary purchased 34 Microsoft Surface tablet devices which will round out the 60 iPads the school already owns. The strategic shift is based on evidence gathered from students and teachers at the school.

The collaborative capabilities of Office 365 is proving to be a big plus for the year five and six classes. It was these senior classes that were predominantly given the Surface tablets.

Students from the school have commented on how easy and flexible the system is to use and how it encourages learning. “It is better and easier to type your work and the teacher can see what you’re doing,” said one student. “It’s so cool to do virtual field trips of our topics,” said another.

Teachers have noted the collaborative opportunities with Surface tablets and Office 365, “Children are enjoying being able to collaborate with each other online.”

Student Advantage helps to ensure students have access to these productivity and collaborative tools. It gives every student in New Zealand access to 15 Microsoft Office Pro Plus licenses at no additional cost.

It is not just the students that are benefiting from Office 365. School operations involving the public website, governance documents, teacher appraisals and team planning can be completed in less time with no duplication of jobs and information.

Cyclone was a pivotal part of helping the school adapt to the cloud environment and overcome initial issues. The relationship between Methven Primary and Cyclone has enabled the school to quickly and efficiently roll out the change. Their Microsoft Education Specialist provided valuable professional development to all staff.

Email to get the team to help you get started with Office 365 or to find out more about Student Advantage.

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