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Fostering futures with the Taranaki Science & Technology Fair

By Sam Worthington, Thu 28 Jul 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The Taranaki Science and Technology Fair has been paving the way for future kiwi scientists and techies for a few years now.

Christine and Michael Fenton are the directors of Nexus Research Group, the organisation that is currently a driving force behind the fair.

Since the birth of the group, the Fenton's have been encouraging students of all ages to develop a passion for learning and problem solving. 

While entries for the fair officially closed on the 6th of July, event organisers state that late entries will be accepted for display –  they just won’t be judged.

Sections for the fair are as follows:

  • Scientific Investigation
  • Technological Development
  • Scientific Journalism
  • Observational Drawing
  • Scientific Photography
  • Advertising Poster
  • Steam Car Challenge
  • Water Rocket Challenge

Prize Categories

Scientific Investigation & Technological Development: 1st Prize $150, 2nd Prize $80, Merit $20

Best in Fair: Fonterra Trophy and $500 cash.

Runner up: Dow Agro Sciences Trophy and $300 cash.

Best Exhibit Years 11 - 13: Independent Technology Limited Ltd Trophy & $125 cash.

Best Exhibit Year 9 & 10: Methanex NZ Ltd Trophy and $125 cash.

Best Exhibit Year 7 & 8: Fonterra Trophy and $125 cash.

Observational Drawing: 1st Prize $50, 2nd Prize $30, Merit $20

Scientific Journalism: 1st Prize $50, 2nd Prize $30, Merit $20

Posters, Photography, Steam Car, Water Rockets: 1st Prize $40, 2nd Prize $25, Merit $15

There is also an opportunity for senior exhibitors in the Science Investigation & technological Development category to receive a scholarship of up to $1000 for tertiary study.

Judging for the event officially kicks off on Tuesday the 9th of August, but exhibits aren’t open to the public until Wednesday the 10th of August. 

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