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Get tangled up with Entwined on PS4

Entwined was just announced by Sony at E3 earlier this month, but it was also revealed the game was available already. How does this interesting PSN game play like?

Entwined is a very peculiar game as you control an orange fish and a blue bird. Their goal is to go through segments of a long hallway that feature their respective colours.

If you see a green segment, the two can come together as well briefly turning green. You will need to never miss a segment, or else the level will keep continuing.

The orange fish is controlled exclusively by the left analogue stick, while the blue bird is controlled by by the right analogue stick only. You only need to rotate the sticks so that each of them go through the correct coloured segments.

This is easier said than done because you don't want to miss a segment and sometimes segments move. To make things harder, this is just a single player game too so you cannot ask a friend to control one of the creatures.

Unless two people share the controller using their thumbs to control one stick each. That worked for me as I played the game with my brother when the level got faster and harder.

Levels don't have an end as you only have the power to end a level if you are able to "entwine" the bird and fish together. At the top of the screen there is a progress bar for both creatures.

Going through segments and collecting coloured lights fills both progress bars up. Once both bars are filled, only then can you conclude the level. If this is not achieved, the level keeps on going until you are successful. Patience and good coordination are essential to succeed in this game.

Entwined screenshot 3

At the end of each level, the fish and bird become "entwined" and they form to become a dragon. I don't know why they become a dragon, but they do. You can fly as a dragon for a brief moment collecting coloured lights, and then you can exit the level. The fish and bird become separated again for you to tackle the next level and do it all over again.

Graphically, Entwined is a visual treat. The levels are all bright coloured and remind me of some the the scenes from famous Disney movies. It's hard to describe the graphics in words though, you have to see it for yourself to see how awesome it looks.

If there is a flaw in Entwined, it's that it can get repetitive. There's not really much variety to the gameplay other than just rotating the sticks around. Your objectives never change either as it's just going through segment after segment all the time.

Entwined is a beautiful looking game that is kind of let down by shallow gameplay. It's challenging at times yes, but it's not really a rewarding experience either. It's an alright game to play once, but it's not a game that will be memorable that's for sure.

Verdict: 7.0 out of 10

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