23 Jul 2013
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Massey to offer MOOCs

By Rebecca Wood

Massey University has become the first New Zealand tertiary provider to join an international consortium offering massive open online courses (MOOCs).

The university will partner with Open2Study, created by Open Universities Australia (OUA), and will begin offering courses later this year. It is one of the first partnerships for OUA outside Australia.

Steve Maharey, vice-chancellor of Massey University, says that for more 50 years, tens of thousands of graduates have benefited from the ability to study from home while working or meeting other personal commitments that prevent them from studying fulltime at a campus.

"This is an exciting development in what is fast becoming an international revolution in tertiary studies," he says.

"It was an easy decision to partner with Open2Study as it will help create a high-quality pathway to learning that fits well with Massey's vision of being New Zealand's defining university and world leader in higher education and scholarship, and our goals of internationalisation and providing an exceptional and distinctive learning experience for all students."

Several well-known Australian universities have already joined Open2Study, including Curtin, Macquarie, and RMIT.

Paul Wappett, OUA chief executive says Open2Study provides an engaging and compelling education based on a comprehensive pedagogical model that recognises that online learners behave differently, and have different needs from on-campus learners.

"Open2Study offers the best possible online environment and techniques to help students understand what's being taught."

These include a mix of six- to eight-minute videos, animations, simulations and quizzes, designed using high production values.

Enrolling can be completed in less than 30 seconds. Courses can be completed in about four weeks.

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