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New Twitter scam asks:

26 Feb 2010

A new phishing scam is currently doing the rounds of Twitter, tagging messages with "ThisYou??" and inviting users to follow a shortened link.

When the recipient clicks on the link however, it redirects to a fake Twitter log-in page which then sends those login details to the scammer if the user logs in again.

Earlier this week Twitter was hit by a similar scam, with users receiving messages tagged "LOL is this you".

A statement on the company's Web site cautioned users to be vigilant in guarding their login details.

"Over the past few days, we've seen an increase in phishing attempts and are working on resetting passwords for accounts that were affected. While we’ve updated about these attacks via both @safety and @spam, we felt that it was important to post a more complete alert. If you receive a DM or see a message with a phrase like 'This you??' or 'LOL is this you' followed by a link, please do not click through; there's a phishing site on the other side. While simply receiving this message does not mean your account is compromised, if you do click through and enter your username and password, you’ll want to change your password. If you’ve received this type of spam from a friend, you may want to alert them to change their password."