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Site For Kids: A model hobby

With autumn in the air, it’s time to think about indoor activities – especially arts and crafts which can while away the longer evenings.
Have you ever tried paper models? There’s a whole host of printable model blueprints online that you can use to make some stunning models. Flying Pig (www.flying-pig.co.uk) contains a bunch of free paper animation downloads that you can print out, cut up and turn into full 3D models. The free downloads include the Agreeable Sheep and the Snap-Up Squid, and some of them can even move!
The Free Paper Toys blog (www.freepapertoys.com) has lots of model print-outs. Of particular mention are the seasonal models, including Halloween decorations like Jack-O-Lanterns and Christmas decorations like Santas and Christmas trees.
SpaceStation42 (tinyurl.com/bwegva) features a list of printable models of popular cartoon characters (and some more generic character models). The more well-known names on display include Harry Potter, Marvin the Martian, the Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy, and even Pokemon.
The same site also has a section containing printable paper hats (tinyurl.com/bzc5kg) where you can make hats with all manner of funky designs. There’s even a duck-shaped cap! And check out some of their motorcycles and military vehicles (tinyurl.com/c7ak3u) – there are all kinds of authentic vehicles to make, including the Ducati 851 super bike and the M5A1 Stuart tank.
Some of the computer printer companies have some impressive model print-outs on their Web sites. Canon (tinyurl.com/3ojosn) has models of everything from a T-Rex to the famous aeroplane, The Spirit of St Louis, and the Great Buddha of Todaiji Temple in Japan. HP (tinyurl.com/avjwou) boasts some impressive model cars, and even some Kung Fu Panda character models.
And in case you want to try your hand at modelling an actual city, you can print out blueprints for miniature versions of Chicago landmarks at www.buildyourownchicago.com
Have fun! Just make sure to run it by an adult before printing out pages of model blueprints – and be sure to have one handy when it comes to cutting the models out and putting them together!

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