Spoiled for choice

08 Sep 11

CallPlus has announced it will provide a free wi-fi service from as many as 1000 hotspots around Auckland for the duration of the Rugby World Cup.

The move makes CallPlus and subsidiary Slingshot the city’s second free wi-fi provider, with Auckland Council already offering free wi-fi in partnership with Tomizone and Localist.

However, where the Council service is limited to 90 minutes in three 30-minute sessions per day, the CallPlus/Slingshot service is totally unrestricted.

CallPlus CEO Mark Callander says his company’s network of hotspots is already seeing over 50GB of traffic per day.

"This is our contribution to the city of Auckland,” Callander says.

"Our visitors must get convenient access to the internet to keep in touch with family and friends, and most importantly avoid paying excessive mobile roaming charges.

"The service is being delivered over our own 4G wireless network, so it is independent of other initiatives designed to provide a similar service.”

Go here for more info.

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