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Airline CIOs look to technology to aid in COVID-19 recovery
"Smart technology, automation, and digitalisation are the only ways our industry can thread the needle between profitability, safety, and sustainability.”
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Darwin International Airport invests in Elenium Automation self-service solutions
“As Australia moves toward re-opening, self-service automation technology will be key in enabling airports to operate safely, without compromising on efficiency or passenger experience."
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Japan rolls out more facial recognition gates at airports
More airports around Japan will soon be rolling out automated facial recognition gates for travellers passing through immigration and passport control.
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Invercargill to roll out NZ's first digital air traffic control system
They work from above and keep travellers safe, but air traffic controllers in Invercargill may now be able to keep their feet on terra firma.
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DJI launches new geofencing solution to protect planes from drones
Recently there has been a spate of ‘drone attacks’ on airports around the world, which DJI is looking to tackle with its latest solution.
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DJI tightens drone no-fly areas around Europe's airports
If you’re heading to Europe and taking your drones with you, you might want to stay away from Europe’s airports if you have any DJI equipment.
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New Zealand
Wellington International Airport gets its own VR experience
The experience takes the user on an interactive journey in a first class seat on board a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777...
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Interconnected systems work towards vision of a smart Melbourne airport
Operators, planners, managers and external providers will be supplied with real-time information to support collaborative decision-making.