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Forrester and MYOB finds NZ mid-market businesses losing 12.5 hours per employee a week - $2.2million per year
New Zealand mid-market businesses are losing up to a day and a half of time, per person, per week due to ineffective technology solutions.
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NZ's productivity & innovation lags behind Singapore, Denmark - report
However, the report notes that these frontier firms can be up to 45% less productive than comparable frontier firms in other countries.
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Forget disruption, you should be worrying about our lack of tech
According to the new report, ‘New Zealand, technology and productivity’, it isn’t that New Zealand has too much technology it’s that we don’t have enough.
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Amazon Web Services / AWS
ESP and AWS work to reduce NZ's carbon footprint
According to a new statement, with the help of Amazon Web Services (AWS), ESP has helped clients save $40 million or 240 GWh of energy since 2001 - the equivalent of taking 21,842 houses off the grid in New Zealand.
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Government to investigate tech’s impact on NZ’s workforce
As technological disruptors are causing waves in every area of every industry, the Government is looking into the ramifications for Kiwis.
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Digital Transformation
NZ/AU research to uncover how SMEs can harness the digital economy
The New Zealand and Australian Productivity Commissions will conduct a research project that looks at how to grow the digital economy.
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New Zealand
Electric cars and clean energy, the big steps we need to take to reach a carbon-free NZ
How to ensure NZ’s transition to a low emissions economy, the three big steps we need to take...
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Tertiary education
How is NZ's tertiary sector stacking up?
"This is the first step looking at how our tertiary education system can innovate to meet the needs of learners and the community in the future."