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$5.4 million planned for SNUP wireless 'retrofitting'

The Government has announced funding of $5.4 million for improved wireless connectivity for more than 400 schools who received their school network upgrades (SNUP) prior to 2010.

Associate education minister Nikki Kaye, who announced the funding, says it will ensure schools who received the SNUP upgrade early on and need better access to quality wireless upgrades, are retrofitted.

The Ministry of Education will be contacting schools to offer them access to the upgrade.

Last year the Government announced that any school receiving school network upgrades in the future would automatically receive wireless upgrades.

Kaye says that move has been ‘a great addition to ensuring that more students have access within schools’.

The new funding, she notes, will ensure the retrofitting of the least wireless capable schools.

“This wireless upgrade will run alongside SNUP with the Government already investing more than $700 million on infrastructure and fast connections for schools,” Kaye says.

“Evidence suggests widespread and mobile access to the internet will lead to new and significant opportunities for students, parents and teachers,” she adds.

“The rollout of wireless connections to these schools is a vital step in delivering these opportunities, ensuring young New Zealanders can learn anytime, anywhere.

“Good wireless access enables teachers and students to have greater access to learning throughout the school.”