15 Nov 2012
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Android App of the Week - Don't Forget The Lyrics

By Shannon Williams

Based off the TV Show, Don’t Forget the Lyrics is a fun app where, as the name suggests, you hear part of a song and you have to guess the rest of the lyrics to pass.

There’s 20 songs on each level and to move onto the next level, you just need to guess correctly 12 out of the 20.

If you’re stuck you can ask for a hint, but it will cost you five points, and if you’re like me hinting is cheating!

Some bits are a bit finicky however, like if you put a space after the lyrics you are guessing, it will come back as wrong.

Same if you use incorrect grammar or capital letters. So once you’ve got that down, you’re golden.

There’s a huge range of songs so the more you listen to music, and the more kinds of music you listen to, the better you’ll be at the game.

The biggest downfall once you start getting into the game is that there aren’t many levels, only nine.

Hopefully with further developments they will get more levels and they will also get harder.

It would be even more fun if you could pick categories and guess the lyrics of songs that way, like Jeopardy. And I hope they bring out more genres of music to make it even more challenging and entertaining.

It’s a really fun game and one of the best I’ve downloaded for a while. I haven’t got sick of yet and I have a short attention span.

Just gutted there aren’t more levels. Hopefully they bring more!

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