25 to Life

01 Jul 05

In this urban action third person shooter, you can opt to play as either a cop or a gang member - each option complete with plot twists, betrayals, and flying bullets. Set in the heart of current day cities, players can experience the gritty lifestyles of a police task force or as a gangster trying to survive the local neighbourhood whilst fighting your way up the ranks. With scenarios like having to bust yourself out of prison or infiltrating an inner sanctum of the drug lord’s mansion - 25 to Life will bring the dark alleyways of corruption to both the PS2, XBox and PC.

Developers, Avalanche Studios have placed a heavy emphasis on weapon balance and even non-player character casualties can upset the tide of a match. Both teams have their own unique arms, with police forces having a wide variety of both lethal and non-lethal weaponry (everything from pistols galore to Tasers and smoke grenades). This tactical weaponry affects how the player acts in combat, with slower more accurate shooting and non-lethal methods of taking out the bad guys. For the gang members however, it will be all about spraying lead as fast as possible (with guns like Uzis and Tek-9s), without regard to accuracy or aim. One nice touch confirmed by the games producers is the ability for both sides to use each others weaponry. If you’re a gang member looking to put some humiliating Taser action on your cop buddy, you’ll be able to do it online. The game promises to ensure that those who chose to play as cops still have to abide by the laws as players will be penalised for mindless acts of violence.

While you can’t help but compare 25 to Life to the GTA series, this game offers some impressive intense Online gameplay for up to 16 players, and along with different characters to select - could be a darker, more trigger-happy alternative.  


  • Battle online with up to 16 players in this intense urban battlefield. Establish and defend your turf or uphold the law and exchange fire against your opponents while communicating via a USB headset.

  • Compelling single player game-play. Experience the world of 25 To Life as you try to survive life on the grind as a rising Thug forced into life threatening situations.

  • Highly interactive urban environment delivers a superior and realistic game-play experience. Car alarms, barking dogs and pedestrians are few of the items that may give your position away.

  • Fully customisable character system gives you the freedom to define your looks and style. Display your ranking by unlocking and customising your gear with the latest threads!

  • Robust weapons arsenal includes both lethal and non-lethal ways to take down your opponents.

  • Cutting Edge Hip Hop soundtrack featuring undeniable rap classics as well as the best of current and respected artists.

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