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2K announces return of XCOM

Publisher 2K Games has announced that its '90s turn-based strategy title XCOM will make a comeback in the guise of a first-person shooter from the team that developed BioShock 2. XCOM is in development by 2K Marin exclusively for Xbox 360 and PC.

A press release from 2K describes the game as a “re-imagining of one of gaming’s most storied and beloved franchises”.  It continues that XCOM “combines the strategic core of the groundbreaking franchise with a suspense-filled narrative and distills it into a tense and unique first-person shooter experience”.

“With BioShock 2, the team at 2K Marin proved themselves as masters of first-person, suspenseful storytelling, and with XCOM they will re-imagine and expand the rich lore of this revered franchise,” said Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K. “Players will explore the world of XCOM from an immersive new perspective and experience firsthand the fear and tension of this gripping narrative ride.”

XCOM details mankind’s struggle against an unknown alien enemy, with the player assuming the role of an FBI agent investigating this mysterious threat.

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