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Ape Escape Academy

To become an expert in monkey business, you first have to go to monkey academy - one of the craziest colleges the world has ever seen. Progressing through the grades in  the school is done by winning a wide variety of wacky mini-games like air hockey, punching matches, dancing and even mathematics.

Though it’s been out in Japan for a while now, Ape Escape Academy is now in New Zealand stores for the PSP. Ape Escape Academy is fairly similar to the Mario Party franchise, but featuring the cute and lovable apes from the previous Ape Escape series (as well as introducing some new crazy characters). You get to select a monkey that best suits you and then enrol in the school - hoping to impress your teachers and get the best grades. You’ll run into a bevy of monkey-themed challenges here, including a sort of Pong Kombat-like rock-paper-scissors game, a quick trivia quiz, and the 1-meter dash - the game certainly has an impressive variety of minigames to keep you on your toes.

Some of the minigames take longer to play than others, but many of them are over almost instantaneously. Unfortunately this relentless pace is slowed done by the number of loading intervals, which although are fairly quick - when compared to the amount of gameplay is definitely noticeable. Practice is a must as well, as instructions tend to be very vague before throwing you into the action - but all it takes is a second or third attempt to get the hang of it.

Definitely a great time-killer and with the huge number of different styled games inside, will offer plenty of hours of gameplay. The multiplayer feature allows you to take on other players and try and beat each others scores - or just to beat your monkey against the other (keep it clean people). 

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