App for wheelchairs on its way

19 Nov 09

Need real-time electronic wheelchair information? There’s an app for that. Dynamic Controls has released an app for iPhone and iPod Touch that interfaces with the company’s power wheelchair electronics.
The app connects a user’s iPhone or iPod Touch to their electronic wheelchair via Bluetooth, displaying chair information, speed (in either kilometres per hour or miles per hour) and a compass heading. Users may also purchase a specially designed cradle to attach their device to the wheelchair. The electronic chair can even charge the device.
Also included within the app is a wheelchair diagnostics feature, direct access to the Dynamic Controls website and IR and wi-fi appliance control.
“We recognised the iPhone has revolutionised the way people communicate and saw the opportunity to develop this solution for wheelchair users, taking full advantage of Apple's ‘Works with iPod / Made for iPhone’ developer programme,” says CEO of Dynamic Controls, Charlotte Walshe.
The app will be available from April 2010.

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