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Apple and Samsung prepare for court

As Apple and Samsung prepare to wage war in a California federal courtroom tomorrow, experts believe the case could reshape the market and technology history.

The trial over iPhone and iPad patent claims will begin 10am EST – with both sides refusing to back down in one of the biggest copyright battles in the industry.

Samsung has overtaken its rival to become the world’s largest smartphone maker, with both firms accounting for over 50% of the smartphone market globally.

Yet Apple revealed it would seek $2.5 billion in damages from the South-Korean company – with worldwide lawsuits attempting to prove design infringements of their signature iPhone and iPad models.

The stakes are high and the implications far reaching as a favourable verdict for the California-based manufacturers would force Samsung to trigger a significant reduction in sales – likely ensuring a permanent injunction blocking U.S. sales of at least some Samsung products.

Hostility between the warring companies stemmed from the view of late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who revealed he would go ‘thermonuclear’ over Google’s Android operating system – technology he believed to be an Apple rip-off.

"Samsung is on trial because it made a deliberate decision to copy Apple's iPhone and iPad," Apple wrote in court papers.

Samsung strongly deny the claims and remains confident it can shift the focus onto the US company with claims Apple executives at one time sought to create a ‘Sony-like’ phone.

"In this lawsuit," Samsung argues, "Apple seeks to stifle legitimate competition and limit consumer choice to maintain its historically exorbitant profits."

Barring a last minute settlement, the long-running legal battle will reach a head tomorrow in front of 10 jurors with Techday providing updated coverage as the events unfold.

What do you think? Who will come out on top? Let us know your comments below.

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