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Australia beats NZ in World of Tanks' 8 tonne tank pulling event

19 Mar 2018

To celebrate the release of World of Tanks 1.0, a special tank pulling event was held in Australia during a Strongman competition attended by Arnold Schwarzenegger held this past weekend. The event was won by an Australian man as he beat NZ's own Mathew Ragg. 

11 men took part in the event but Australia's Eddie Williams (pictured) got the fastest time in the tank pulling contest. He managed to pull an eight tonne tank in over 10 metres in just 36.65 seconds!

In the process of this, Eddie Williams set an all-new Guinness World Record. Coming second in the event was USA's Trey Mitchell managing to pull the tank in a respectable 46.16 seconds. Williams said after the event: “I really wanted it. Now I can say that I have won the first-ever tank pull event in the world."

Alexander de Giorgio, World of Tanks' Regional Publishing Director, said: “Today we witnessed the true power of the tank with the world’s strongest men put to the test. We hope that World of Tanks PC fans are getting excited about the upcoming launch of 1.0 this month.”

World of Tanks 1.0 releases later this month and the game is playable on the PC. It's a free to play MMO where you can get to control huge tanks.

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