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Buzz! Jumior: Jungle Party

Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party is the first game to be released for the Buzz Junior range, using the trademark simple, yet effective Buzz controllers. Unlike the previous Buzz games which revolve around a more quiz-like experience, the Buzz Junior games focus on mini-games that need fast reflexes.

Considering we weren’t exactly the target market, we were pleasantly surprised by the charming graphics and cheeky sense of humour. The game itself is just a series of minigames where you play as one of four different coloured monkeys. Although at some points it can be a little disturbing, one of the games is “spot the difference” between hippos changing their outfits. When they reveal themselves you have to resist the urge to cover your eyes at the cowboy hat and coconut bra combo as they give a little booty shake. Kids will love it though.

The Buzz series is well known for being a great multiplayer experience, and Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party doesn’t disappoint. It’s amazing how competitive you can get when trying to knock your opponents off Lilly pads by hitting them with coconuts. Having four people crammed onto the sofa can lead to some foul play by family and friends to try and gain the upper hand. I suggest that you should be wary of dirty tactics, such as pushing your hands so you hit the wrong button and getting your eyes covered so you have no clue what’s going on. Definitely plenty of fun to be had this Xmas for the little ones.

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