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Create your own emoji? Yes please

24 Mar 16

Emojis are extremely popular on social media platforms, in text messages and on smart mobile devices.

Operating systems such as iOS include their own emoji keyboard for users to use on top of the standard language keyboards offered with digital devices.

In order to get a slice of the pie, a new app has launched with its own emoji design exclusively in New Zealand. Best of all, it has some New Zealand-specific emoticons.

The free app offers users the ability to create their own emojis and quickly write messages with emojis by selecting images that have been tagged with related English words. That means you no longer have to scroll through the emoji catalogue to try and match what you want to say.

Amojee’s library has nearly 10,000 emojis available.

There are also dozens of emojis created just for Kiwis on the Amojee platform, such as jandals, togs, a chilly bin, tramping, a ute and more.

To send an emoji-rich message, all users have to do is start typing within the app. Emojis that are related to each word are displayed (in order of popularity) so users can choose from multiple options. Users can type all-emoji messages or just use emojis for some words. 

Users can create and share their own emojis by using photos (that they own) or by using the drawing tool within the Amojee app. Users can tag their emojis to make them accessible to anyone when typing a message. A user can create their own visual language to share with friends using the app.

All emojis—including those created by users—are ranked by usage in real time. The most popular emojis show up in Amojee's trending page.

The company displays hand-picked emojis on its featured page. Fast on-the-draw emoji makers in New Zealand can influence the trending page with their own emojis as they rise in popularity.

​Emojis are screened to ensure they are appropriate for ages 12 and up. 

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