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Diablo III

01 Feb 11

WHAT IS IT? Diablo III is the long-awaited sequel to the hugely popular Diablo II (which released a decade ago, can you believe?). It continues to perfect the formula of the action-RPG genre by introducing new classes, screeds of new elements, and well... it’s Blizzard – so you know it'll be damn near perfect when it does eventually launch.
WHY SHOULD WE CARE? The Diablo series has been a gamer favourite since 1997 when the first instalment graced our screens. And when Diablo II dropped in 2000, little did we know that it would become the most-played ARPG of all time. To this day, die-hard Diablo II fans are still "MF-ing” the bejesus out of "Meph” and "Pindleskin” and thrashing "Baal Runs” like there’s no tomorrow.
The graphics are outdated, but the fact remains: the gameplay of the Diablo franchise is unparalleled, and with the third-coming set to arrive "when it’s ready” (or as those in the know deem to be late 2011), Diablo III is set to be the game to watch this year. No doubt, some World of Warcraft players are itching to ditch the rainbow-coloured shields and get back to some "hardcore” dungeon crawling. Funny that, since Diablo III is bringing back its notorious "Hardcore Mode” in which you have one shot at the glory; when you die, that’s it. Now, that truly is hardcore.