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Warning: This story was published more than a year ago.

Does your phone fit anywhere ?

Last week we were all talking about iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and its monstrous size, and now it’s apparently become such an issue that some fashion houses are redesigning the pockets of their clothes.

The phablet – yep phones x tablet – are now just too large for most pockets, including the iPhone 6 at five and a half inches.

The problem seems to particularly be affecting women’s clothing, where there is less material and smaller pockets.

Even if people can manager to squeeze their phones into their pockets (mind the bend, folks), the phones will be easily visible to pickpockets.

It’s just not pants pockets that will have to adjust, either. Inside coat or jacket pockets could perhaps enlarge to fit the new phablets.

Changing mobile technology has become such a fixture in everyday life that other industries are now having to accommodate, and take into consideration when they are designing their products.

Will we be seeing jeans with options for their pockets perhaps? Or a line of jackets suitable for tucking your tablet into?


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