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EA developing next-gen consoles?

A leading gaming website has released information said to prove EA is currently developing for next-generation consoles.

A press-release from EA today outlining the company’s finances shows a whopping $314 million investment in research and development over the next three months.

That’s by far their biggest expenditure, with the next highest figure being sales and marketing, on which they will spend $212 million.

The six-month outlook reports similar things, with $604 million being pumped into R&D in that time and only $357 million going into sales and marketing.

According to the Examiner that’s proof EA is making games for next-gen; I’d say they’re probably right, but not because of the information in the press-release.

Seeing as next-generation consoles are expected to start launching next year (aside from the Wii U, which is beating the others to launch by a long way) it’s very unlikely EA and other developers haven’t started developing for those platforms.

In fact, big companies like EA will be liaising very closely with Sony and Microsoft to ensure their new consoles have a decent range of titles at launch – no console is going to take off without a decent selection of titles.

What do you guys think – is EA putting a huge wad of cash into developing for the next-generation already? Would they be exceptional if they did? Let us know in the comments section below.

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