Even more Mass Effect 2 DLC announced

12 Mar 10

We’ve already recruited Zaeed, visited the wreckage of the original Normandy, equipped Cerberus assault armour and new weapons, and we’re about to take the Hammerhead hovertank for a spin. Now EA and BioWare have announced yet another downloadable episode for Mass Effect 2, but this time it’s paid content.

Kasumi’s Stolen Memory will be available to download via the Cerberus Network on both PC and Xbox 360 from April 6th US time (so most likely April 7th NZ time). The DLC will allow Commander Shepard to recruit a 12th squadmate named Kasumi. Reportedly, Shepard will contact Kasumi on the Citadel and assist the new character on a recovery mission.

It's the first paid DLC pack for Mass Effect 2, and it will also include a new weapon – the ‘Locust’ SMG – and the successful completion of the loyalty mission will enable Kasumi to use a flash-bang grenade power.

The pricing for the DLC has not yet been specified.

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