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Fez is a puzzle you cannot solve

Fez is a fun 2D puzzle platforming game that came out on numerous platforms back in 2012. The game became quite popular that it has now been released for Sony's PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

Looking at the game from the outside, Fez looks like any other 2D platforming game. If you were to look at Fez from a screenshot only, you would think the game didn't feature anything unique. This is far from the truth because the level design in this game is both unique, and very dizzying. This isn't a bad thing mind you, but one that will challenge your brain to the fullest.

Fez isn't a game that linear levels where you progress from point A to point B. This game doesn't even have enemies or bosses for you to defeat either. Fez is all about discovery and exploration as the whole game is free for you to explore from the beginning after you complete the tutorial. Basically after that, you are left on your own accord which and be both exciting and daunting at the same time.

Fez's story is pretty simple which gives us the backbone of the whole point of the game in the first place. You play as a small white rabbit thing named Gomez who lives in a peaceful yet uneventful place. This all changes when something happens and the whole world he lives in becomes distorted. The world is broken and Gomez needs to collect fragments of golden cubes that will help him restore it. It's a tough mission for Gomez to take because the cubes are hidden anywhere and everywhere.

The main challenging thing about Fez lies within its own level design because it's like a huge rotating maze. The levels look 2D, but you can rotate the world at 90 degrees to the levels are like exploring the perimeter of a cube. With this in mind, the levels are also connected to one another and you are free to explore everywhere you go. Some portals and doors even lead you to other worlds.

To actually progress in the game, you have to find fragments of a golden cube or finding keys to doors and more. Sometimes some areas are locked so you need to find ways to unlock them somehow. You do have somewhat of a map to guide you, but this is all really a guide to see which dimension/level you are currently on. The game does not babysit you the whole way which makes this game heavy on exploration and your own puzzle solving skills.

Fez Screenshot

One thing I liked most about Fez is its graphics. It pays homage to the 8-bit era with its simple 2D design and simplistic audio effects. I also liked how colouful everything looked as well, because it was a nice change of scenery compared to the ugly colour palette of
Luftrausers which was the last game I just reviewed.

The only thing that might hold down Fez is its difficulty. It's not hard in terms of the puzzles, it's just knowing where to go and what to do. Because of its non-linear nature, every player will explore levels at different times. It's up to yourself to find out where to go to next.

Fez is a great little title that forces the player to literally explore every inch of the game. It might be hard as exploring the game is like going through a huge maze. Upon saying that, it's a game that will occupy you for hours on end since it's not a game that you can complete in your own in a short amount of time. A game definitely worth getting if you're into exploration and puzzle solving.

Score: 8 out of 10

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