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Final Fantasy VII remakes hit YouTube

A die-hard Final Fantasy VII fan has found a way to fill the lonely years waiting for a remake and recreated the storyline himself in LittleBigPlanet 2.

Jamie Colliver has become better-known by his YouTube username TheJamster1992 for making six videos re-enacting events from the classic RPG.

You can check them all out here but before you do think about the amount of time this endeavour would take; not only has he done some of the game’s biggest events, including the opening bombing scene, but has also recreated the title screens and music.

Along with the bombing mission, there’s also Nibelheim, Aeris’s Church, the Temple of the Ancients and the motorcycle chase scene.

In all there’s more than three hours of video, which must equate to a serious amount of dedication on the part of Colliver.

It’s probably more time than Square Enix themselves have actually spent thinking about redoing the game, however they have recently announced some more details regarding Final Fantasy XIV.

FFXIV, which initially launched to negative reviews, has been revamped and is expected to launch later this year for the PC and early next year for the PS3.

Square Enix will hold their Open Conference 2012 event on November 23 and 24, and have announced a special FFXIV section where they will discuss the process of reimagining an already released game.

While the world waits for more Final Fantasy releases, take a look and let us know what you think – are these the most dedicated fan creations you’ve seen, or can you post some better ones?

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