FutureFive NZ - Free invite - Hack for good in Auckland next month

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Free invite - Hack for good in Auckland next month

Welcome to HACKAKL:Transport, Auckland’s first civic hacking event, set for 24-25 May.

This is an open invitation to designers, software developers, architects, activists, innovators or anyone who wants to be involved to participate in a weekend of ‘hacking for good’.

In what we hope is the first of many, this event seeks to establish a community of innovators and developers who are interested in making an ongoing contribution to civic solutions that leverage open government data, from both regional and national sources.

This is about thinking differently and leveraging the power of a community and creative problem solving.

If we are successful, not only will we have some cool ideas and creative solutions, but more importantly, we will have formed a community (HACKAKL) within a community (Auckland and New Zealand) that is willing to own the ‘civic hacking for good’ agenda going forward.

To give us some focus, the theme for this inaugural event is transport. Take a look at the challenges page for inspiration on the types of problems we could help solve.

Keep visiting this page as we will continue to provide more information to contextualise the issues as we are approved to share it.

The mission of this weekend is multifaceted. Our goals include:

* Providing an opportunity for personal development and network building

* Enabling innovation for greater good

* Support the evolution and democratisation of open government data

* Supporting the government STEM agenda – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

* Creating a new community and its self governance going forward

This event is for and about those that participate. You can choose to take a known challenge or render your own solution based on the data sets you think will bring value to the wider community in some new useful form.

As this is a free event, the organisers reserve the right to limit the number of participants based on the registration response.

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