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Full Auto 2 for PS3

Burnout with guns! What could be more fun than being able to race your car around a race track with the sole  purpose of shooting at and destroying your opponents? Full Auto 2 on the PS3 looked absolutely divine,    and for fans of the racing car genre, this is the ultimate experience in racing and full-throttled damage fest!

The preview code we play-tested looked extremely polished and the level of detail was amazing. The PS3  certainly makes for some droolworthy visuals and the game played like a dream, with not a hint of frame rate  delay in sight. The appeal of this game is obvious – choose a sexy-looking car, attach some mean-looking guns  and rip shreds out of everyone else to win the race. It’s the best kind of fun you can have with cars and guns  that’s legal!

Game features include at least 20 different tracks to race, both single player and multiplayer capabilities, six  unique game modes including ‘Deathmatch’ and the ‘Unwreck’ feature which allows you to rewind time to avoid  deadly obstacles or treacherous turns.

We’ll be looking forward to the release and highly recommend this title for race car junkies as a must-have on the  PS3 when it launches in March.

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