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Giving old wood new life - iPad

Sounder Industries say they have found a way to double the sound output of the iPad - naturally - with their new product, the Sounder Natural Amplifier.

It’s an all-natural product - a carved piece of wood produced from old-growth lumber. The Sounder amplifies the iPad’s sound through its unique design and doesn’t require any wires or electrical connections. It works by directing the iPad sound to a horn shaped opening which, when combined with a hard surface, such as a desktop or table, creates a megaphone type effect.

“We reclaim old-growth lumber from factories, office buildings and warehouses when the buildings are demolished, and we give it new life with the Sounder,” Fink said. “Some of these trees were 200-300 years old when they were originally chopped down.” Among the wood used for the Sounder are boards from New York’s famed Coney Island boardwalk.

The use of reclaimed wood became popular in the 1980s and has become sought-after by people seeking a more traditional look, in addition to being eco-friendly. “We like the idea of using reclaimed wood, and we are doing what we can for the environment,” McNally said.

“The quality is much better in this wood, and it is more stable than newly cut lumber.” With the Sounder, no two pieces are the same. Each unit is hand-made to ensure it has the perfect shape and a smooth finish.

Read more information about the project and the funding their currently trying to secure here.

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