FutureFive NZ - Google launches new cloud features

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Google launches new cloud features

The Paris-based Google Atmosphere event is the company’s annual European event dedicated to cloud computing, which Google defines as “web-based applications that are built on shared infrastructure and delivered through the browser”.

This year, the discussion will be focused on how companies can benefit from the breakthroughs in productivity and security that cloud-based apps can deliver.

“This event also marks some major milestones,” says Dave Girouard, President, Google Enterprise.

“As of today, more than three million businesses have gone Google, and over 30 million users within businesses, schools and organisations now depend on our messaging and collaboration tools. We’re launching new cloud-powered capabilities: two-step verification to help enhance security and soon, mobile editing in Google Docs on Android and the iPad.”

Girouard continued, “Only cloud computing is able to deliver the whole package of productivity-enhancing collaboration, superior reliability and virtually unlimited scale at a price that’s affordable for any size organisation. Our Atmosphere event is a nice opportunity to step back and fully appreciate the power of the cloud with customers and future customers alike.”

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